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    Happy new years!

    While you're technically true if you wanna get down to it, nobody really cares that it's "just a block game". Using proper grammar is something that goes beyond academic papers, but i suppose that isn't something you would know about, since you radiate "i'm 13 and i'm using my school time to play a block game on my word processor chromebook instead of doing my work" energy. Also, *it's, *college
  2. masoncb

    Happy new years!

    Maybe you should try to use punctuation correctly in 2022?
  3. Personally, what i don't understand here is why you're making a server when it doesn't offer anything new besides what could be interpreted as a "brand", what, with the "Hy" in the server name. This really just feels like another one of those bog-standard chromie hosted servers where people will make a main, a freebuild map, and let it rot on somebody's hard drive. If you aren't going to offer anything new beyond """"minigames"""" then don't make a server at all.
  4. So, did you put 'hy' in your server's name to cash off of gullible kids who think it's related to hypixel?
  5. Any large sum of funds to use for... purposes, that which i shan't disclose here.
  6. Paramedics are inbound to your location, sit tight.
  7. yes, but do you know how to make a server?
  8. hey bro, you good? you need a chill pill or something? ๐Ÿคจ
  9. haha nice! quick question though, how many of these textures did you actually upscale yourself? ive always wondered which ones but ive never took the time to check.. also, unrelated to my previous question but a few things: first, why is there an "uwu" block in the server friendly pack? secondly, (and this isn't a criticism but something i just noticed), did you make a unique pattern for the wool blocks or is it just four of the same texture tiled together? thirdly, you can still see the lines from the wooden door in the iron door on the server friendly pack... that aside, im very proud of how far this pack's come! its super impressive work youre doing ngl ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Can you two keep the arguments in private messages? This is a public forum, we don't need your useless banter.
  11. Oh wow, this is really cool! I especially like the work you've done for some CC-specific blocks, like the Crate or Magma, they feel like they've been part of original Minecraft since the beginning. The font is especially really neat, although it's probably not much to write home about as there's many pre-existing "HD Minecraft Font" resource packs out there right now. While these textures were probably partially lifted from pre-existing faithful packs, i do have one suggestion for the grass texture, as it feels darker, have you considered putting more highlights on it? I think that if you did that, it would feel closer to an HD version of the original grass texture, as it would feel less "dark". Another gripe that i have, that isn't necessarily an "accuracy" issue and moreso a "look" issue would be how the bricks have very little depth to the individual bricks, they feel very flat. (also the yellow and red flowers are swapped.)
  12. man how did i just notice after all this time you spelled survival wrong
  13. drama aside, it is actually a pretty good pack tbh, although i would personally recommend not using the faithful steve as its face is uh a little bit cursed? EDIT 1: why is there iam.bmp in the pack as well? EDIT 2: there's also modern minecraft assets in here as well, man, if you were going to just rip textures from modern faithful you could have at least said that they weren't your textures
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