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  1. Ah, i see. Well, if it's anything to go off of, what sounds like an apt description of hate speech shouldn't really be something you should be *just* kicked for, at least, methinks. I can't answer for sure why you were banned when you were told that you were just kicked, so, best thing i'd do is just wait for someone higher up in the chain of command to respond, like 123 or Andrew. (and, if they don't respond, oh well. nothing you can really do to summon them in the first place.) Hope that helps.
  2. Who are you? I am from ancient greece.
  3. The process is very simple.
  4. cool it, azbacho, maybe the only reason why you never see him (and thusly never believe he exists) is because he knows you never believed in him, gosh
  5. Yes, you can actually! Only thing is that the maximum size of your skybox depends on how powerful your computer's hardware is, you can check this with /client gpu. For instance: My maximum texture size is 8192x8192 (which is due to my lower-end hardware.)
  6. You already have an account. Why do you need another?
  7. Keep it for myself unlike the last two posts, y'all can get your own.
  8. You wanna die for this planet? Fine! What's 17 more years? I can always start again, make another kid.
  9. Any large sum of funds to use for... purposes, that which i shan't disclose here.
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