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  1. /tenor mad max thats bait gif
  2. It's mostly the first, but also the not-often-considered third option of "they just don't give a shit". (also, *their)
  3. ^ This, I personally use Dropbox myself due to there being a desktop app for it, but i've heard that Imgur is good too.
  4. Ah, i see. Well, if it's anything to go off of, what sounds like an apt description of hate speech shouldn't really be something you should be *just* kicked for, at least, methinks. I can't answer for sure why you were banned when you were told that you were just kicked, so, best thing i'd do is just wait for someone higher up in the chain of command to respond, like 123 or Andrew. (and, if they don't respond, oh well. nothing you can really do to summon them in the first place.) Hope that helps.
  5. Didn't you just answer your own question?
  6. Who are you? I am from ancient greece.
  7. Keep it for myself unlike the last two posts, y'all can get your own.
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