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  1. But, why would you ever remove the lb slots? If someone wants to use your texture pack in a server that has lbs, then they're going to be sorely disappointed when their custom blocks that look right in one texture pack say "STE" and "BRI" in yours, plus the "no copy" texture is quite literally incomprehensible, although its somewhat understandable now that you've given context (but only in that situation) Quite honestly, it just seems ignorant, and i wouldn't use this pack. (also did you *really* have to make a new thread?) Last minute edit: Aren't some of these textures traced, anyways? The ores are straight from the default classic texturepack, the bookshelf is the exact same (alongside the grass top), and the stone texture is just two lines drawn on a grey square.
  2. No, i don't think i will, thank you.
  3. sorry but i'm texan, what is snow again? is that some kinda product you can buy at a store, or is it something else
  4. While i didn't watch much of TV to get a true understanding of his character and/or show, rest in peace regardless. That man probably entertained millions of people. At least he was surrounded by his loved ones when he passed.
  5. How very very frightening. I'll check it out as soon as i can! I only have one question though, does this have the same limitations as the web client, where you can only join certain servers?
  6. actually, finobe copies the 2012 and 2016 client, you're thinking of Goodblox, they use a modified 2010 client and make it feel like early 2009-late 2008
  7. masoncb

    Skin help

    i can make you one, am i going to get anything in return? UPDATE: hi, i just made the pig one you wanted, there's a variant with glasses and one without
  8. man how did i just notice after all this time you spelled survival wrong
  9. drama aside, it is actually a pretty good pack tbh, although i would personally recommend not using the faithful steve as its face is uh a little bit cursed? EDIT 1: why is there iam.bmp in the pack as well? EDIT 2: there's also modern minecraft assets in here as well, man, if you were going to just rip textures from modern faithful you could have at least said that they weren't your textures
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