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  1. First things first, are you aware that this client is based mostly, if not entirely on Minecraft 0.30 classic? Some movement "tech" from modern versions of Minecraft (around 1.14 and onwards) may not work in this client. The only real technique i know that works is as follows: The "Mid-air Strafe" (what i refer to it as), aka when you strafe in mid-air to completely pass by a block, typically onto an equal-or-lower level of height. Sadly, i wish i could help further, but i have no clue what a "double neo" is, nor how to hit one like you're talking about here. Hope this helps!
  2. Oh wow, this is really cool! I especially like the work you've done for some CC-specific blocks, like the Crate or Magma, they feel like they've been part of original Minecraft since the beginning. The font is especially really neat, although it's probably not much to write home about as there's many pre-existing "HD Minecraft Font" resource packs out there right now. While these textures were probably partially lifted from pre-existing faithful packs, i do have one suggestion for the grass texture, as it feels darker, have you considered putting more highlights on it? I think that if you did that, it would feel closer to an HD version of the original grass texture, as it would feel less "dark". Another gripe that i have, that isn't necessarily an "accuracy" issue and moreso a "look" issue would be how the bricks have very little depth to the individual bricks, they feel very flat. (also the yellow and red flowers are swapped.)
  3. I'm sorry to say, but that makes less sense than before.
  4. masoncb


    Didn't you *literally* just ask for this exact thing not even a day ago? https://f.classicube.net/topic/995-crouch-fetcher
  5. Set the MOTD of the map to -hax.
  6. Posting invites to a discord server on a public forum is not a good idea. This is how you get raiders, spammers, and otherwise unwanted people. Not only that, but there's already an official classicube discord server that would be an (objectively) better place to speak about classicube.
  7. Quite frankly, i think it's simple. According to COPPA1 , this website's forums (f.classicube.net) are required to prohibit under-13 users from joining and chatting as it is currently illegal in the USA to collect online data from anyone under 13, thusly making it a crime for someone to join when under-aged. You're clearly under-aged, as shown by your way of speaking, how you misspelled have as "half" on several occasions, and with how.. volatile your mannerisms are towards this specific rule, as odd as it may seem for someone who i assume has said before that they're 13. Enjoy your ban. 1 https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule
  8. But, why would you ever remove the lb slots? If someone wants to use your texture pack in a server that has lbs, then they're going to be sorely disappointed when their custom blocks that look right in one texture pack say "STE" and "BRI" in yours, plus the "no copy" texture is quite literally incomprehensible, although its somewhat understandable now that you've given context (but only in that situation) Quite honestly, it just seems ignorant, and i wouldn't use this pack. (also did you *really* have to make a new thread?) Last minute edit: Aren't some of these textures traced, anyways? The ores are straight from the default classic texturepack, the bookshelf is the exact same (alongside the grass top), and the stone texture is just two lines drawn on a grey square.
  9. No, i don't think i will, thank you.
  10. sorry but i'm texan, what is snow again? is that some kinda product you can buy at a store, or is it something else
  11. While i didn't watch much of TV to get a true understanding of his character and/or show, rest in peace regardless. That man probably entertained millions of people. At least he was surrounded by his loved ones when he passed.
  12. How very very frightening. I'll check it out as soon as i can! I only have one question though, does this have the same limitations as the web client, where you can only join certain servers?
  13. actually, finobe copies the 2012 and 2016 client, you're thinking of Goodblox, they use a modified 2010 client and make it feel like early 2009-late 2008
  14. masoncb

    Skin help

    i can make you one, am i going to get anything in return? UPDATE: hi, i just made the pig one you wanted, there's a variant with glasses and one without
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