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    if you have at least 4GB of ram on your chromebook, have an x64 processor and the linux feature enabled, you can make a perfectly usable, if not unstable server. you proabably want to make it whitelist only, since chromebooks can't handle a ton of updates (don't ask me how i know this), and limit drawing commands. if you're on sleep mode, the server won't run
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    While i didn't watch much of TV to get a true understanding of his character and/or show, rest in peace regardless. That man probably entertained millions of people. At least he was surrounded by his loved ones when he passed.
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    awwwwwwwww not alex im sad😭😭😭😭😭
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    I got the joke, it just wasn't funny. Also this isn't leddit.
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    I recommend taking this up with the owner of the server, "Goodly", and having him ban this hacker.
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    You could technically do it, but it's not recommended. You could try eddynet or any other available CC server hosting sites
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    You can, but Andrew EDIT: still advises against hosting on a Chromebook.
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    You have to run it using mono in the terminal, at which point I tell you to not host a server on a chromebook
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    Hi, I am on my alt. And by the way, please do not ban me. I just want to say sorry for posting this non sense. I apologize, and I would love to appeal the ban on my main. Please consider about my ban, thanks. Also my anus is doing completely fine.
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