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  1. look i am not police i am RetroWolf and my brother is xotiic i have a alt yes but ists RetroGirl
  2. how do i save my settings on the web client bc when i exit out of tab and reopen it my settings reset and i dont like haveing to set them everytime i join a server or decide to exit the tab?
  3. how do i change the texture can i make ther /creeper look like a creeper?
  4. for it to have a skin of a player you must type /bot add <PlayersName> *The players name must be spelled EXACTLY as it is. for example if you just type /bot add retrowolf It will not have my skin it will have the default bot skin for it to have my skin you would type /bot add RetroWolf. the name tag will also say RetroWolf but u can change the name but still keep the skin by typing /bot rename RetroWolf <NewName> the bots name cant have any spaces in it or the first word will be the name of the bot and all words after that will be the text that appears when u click it. to add text to be certant that it works i always type in this order /bot add <name> then i type /bot text <BotsName> <what you want it to say>. here is an example of what I would type to get a bot that has my skin, whos name is Bob, and who says Hey when clicked first type: /bot add RetroWolf then type: /bot rename RetroWolf Bob now type: /bot text Bob Hey now if you are asking how to change bots model. first make the bot then just type /model bot <BotsName> <model> for example if i want to make Bob sit I would type /model bot Bob sit I hope this helps.
  5. u can not host a server from eddynet u r only requesting a server under ur user name they may not even make the server.
  6. basicly type /os lb copy <the doors id> 767 then type /os lb edit name <the blocks name> door-WE then type /os lb copy <the doors id> 766 then type /os lb edit name <the blocks name> door-NS
  7. do u need a builder im looking for a job that pays real money and im a really good builder.
  8. have u made a toilet, sink, wall outlet, oven, a microwave, a mini-fridge, a PC, a game console, a game controller, a mouse, a keyboard, a light switch, or a radio, textures for custom blocks?
  9. RetroWolf


    u can also type /cm visit but that only works in some servers and the models u will c are only custom models not default the default models i know are stand spider sit pig sheep creeper and zombie.
  10. my brother has a herobrian skin but he only plays in multiplayer
  11. u cant increase the limit the smallest i have ever tested was 0.01 but others cant c u and the max is 2. now if u are asking how to change the model scale just type /model <model>:<scale> here is an example /model stand:2
  12. if u are trying to make tnt explode in ur own realm u could just type /mode tnt <size> the sizes are small big and nuke. now these have a 5 second count down before they explode after u place it (it will kill u as well) now the tnt in this case wont go off if u set it on fire it goes of 5 seconds after u placed it.
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