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  1. Crimebooks, shipped with Tails! Shhhhh... don't tell them...
  2. Why you are trolling me? Just to add, add, MrYETI didn't make this fork.
  3. Hello thank you, Does's anyone have the link to the recently made MCG fork, it's called "NewGalaxy" if you're not sure? Thank you in advance, hayden.
  4. Wait, you have to pay for the software MCGalaxy? Does this mean I'm now going to get arrested for tax evasion? Please help I am very scared. (joke, sarcasm)
  5. AlwaysNothing? Hmm, this name seems familiar to another Classic server I've seen before.
  6. Ecraft is now a subset of New The30s. You can all go home, none of you are admin.
  7. Circus is closed! None of you can be admin, this is not M_beat's server!
  8. Ecraft isn't your server??? It's created by the one and only TYUHGJN.
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