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    yeah im not gonna state the name of my server because i dont wanna get banned by some classicube overlord.
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    You could try making or looking for some plugins. Here are some links to plugins: https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins | https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels | https://github.com/NotAwesome2/Plugins | https://github.com/ddinan/classicube-stuff/tree/master | To get them in, you will need to use '/pcompile (file name without the .cs)' then '/pload (file name without the .dll)'
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    The hell plugin will just make classicube more hellish.
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    The whole point of uploading something to GitHub is that it is the source itself you are uploading. Please refrain from giving out DLL files without explicitly showing the source of the plugin itself, in this case, hell.c, without having to rely on the user downloading the zip file, extracting, and then seeing what the source is. I recommend using the Releases feature of GitHub for providing the DLL download as well so that the only thing in the repo is the plugin source. You could also look into GitHub actions to automatically compile the DLL as well instead of providing your own compiled DLL. Otherwise, looks like a neat plugin.
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    Thanks I will do that now! It was my first time posting anything on GitHub.
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    Press 'ESC" > Hit 'Options...' > Hit 'Hacks settings..." > Disable "WOM style hacks"
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