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    I think you forgot survival mode
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    It would be nice to add AntiCopy name. Because there's trolls. I'll list things it should be blocked: (1 Don't let player use $[option] On their name. (2 Don't let player copy other player name. (3 Title shouldn't support [>] [<] In their name. (4 Mute a player for saying racial words. Hoping you to block those! And Thanks.
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    also don't ever reply to me again.
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    go to line 138 on server.properties and find irc = make it "true" and find irc-channel = For example: #sbiscoolandalwayscool or if you want add op too find irc-opchannel = for another example: #sbiscoolop4202020200 don't show your opchannel name or else kids gonna go to your irc server and start spamming admin commands, to stop change it
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    Block ManGo(i dont like the game because pay to win, i play skyblock instead), classicalcaba, counter strike and gta games, then sonic, mario, grass simulator, backrooms.
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