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  1. ok wow thanks for it my dad went invisble for free lets go
  2. Back here again! I went back to high school cuz I just wanted to if u dont care idk
  3. ok man i never cared about myself im going back to among us That was true L me im getting downvoted so hard rn this is fact no cap
  4. main character syndrome...hem ok
  5. Also my pc got a virus got banned twice ok headshot im sorry like dang chill
  6. Guys I got banned for 5 days hehe I'm an idiot
  7. im gonna get cancelled on classicube, lol
  8. Panda, I'm sorry I used a one word post. I said, "Thanks!" as a complient. And I was only talking about how ClassiCube was fun! And other people also got banned for my comment! I'm really sorry, but I had to say "Thanks!" What else was I suppose to say? Like, was I suppose to say, "Thanks, man, I really appreciate it!" Some people would respond to that easily back in the day, but now nobody cares to respond to that so people just say "Thanks!" I have already moved on, but I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to get people banned. And if I get banned for this apology message, I'm sorry again. I'm really sorry, Panda. I hope the ClassiCube Forums admins read this and say, "Wow, he is really sorry. He wrote so much, just to say sorry!" If you say this, I will be grateful. So if I get banned, I'm sorry for this post. I know this isn't "General Tomfoolery" or anything else, but it's just a sorry message. Like, I'm really sorry, and-I'm -I'm just plain sorry. I'm sorry. If you want to hear that, it's okay. I'll allow you to ban me, and I'll think about my mistake. I'm just sorry. I must go back to the game. My friend is waiting for me. -Amoxy
  9. Thanks man, I really didn't know! I appreciate your support!
  10. So, I can't scroll on the server chat in ClassiCube, and I don't have a mouse. If you can add it, I would really appreciate that. (Please don't ban me!) -amoxy sussy imposter
  11. I like ClassiCube so much that I would play it almost every Saturday!
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