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    Python is a decent choice, but it depends heavily on what you want to make
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    In the medieval times they used a blade and removed skin in basically the same way as skinning an animal. You can heat the skin up to make it go off easier.
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    It is a good service I would say, but you most likely would be better off hosting yourself or paying someone for it.
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    Um for me its rice and hotdog.
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    If we sign this, then what will you do with it? And you posted on the WRONG forum, classicube central is General discussion about ClassiCube. Put it on somewhere else.
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    Sorry, I wasn't replying to you. I directed that at the people who were complaining about server quality for Lemehost's free servers. Generally though, free servers are very limited in capability. If you really need server hosting for dirt cheap, I'd recommend paying for a Linux VPS. There is some assembly required with these servers, as they're not preconfigured for hosting games, and since they run off poopoo stinky Linux, most use command line instead of a GUI, but I've found them to be more secure and a lot cheaper than game servers. I would look into more hosting services before making a final decision.
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    I was asking if it was safe, not complaining about quality.
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    Good general advice: If it's free, don't complain about it. If you don't like it, don't use it.
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    Honestly I have no idea. Lemehost is a sort of paid hosting service that can host many games, including Classicube, but at a cost. The $0 version gives you 1 GB of RAM, 1 gigahertz of CPU. 10 Memory and on the bright side, the storage is 30 GB SSD. But the major problem with these is that its not 24/7 and you can't save backups and it's not ad-free. But to answer your question, it's safe to browse, but not to use due to the paid stuff you need money for.
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    I can't say anything about safety, but in terms of hosting quality, it's terrible. Free servers shut down regularly during certain periods of time for no apparent reason, and server resources are barely there compared to other hosting methods. Just don't use Lemehost.
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    Br dat man look like my cousin,
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    Thank you everyone my PC has speed up SO much faster! I can not thank you enough! Thank you and cya next time! -Scout
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    Of course, the most efficient way is the Aztec removal, make an incision along the spinal cord, through the buttocks, and around across the scrotal skin, along the chest and along the neck, and across the head all the way to the original incision, then do the exact same, but horizontally, then, heat up the body, and remove the 4 quarters of the skin.
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    I've already emailed some governors about it, and I've talked to some of them, and they say we need at least a few hundred in order to consider it.
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    yes it is lmfao if you're a chromie without a credit card
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    Try clearing your cache. I am on chromebook and it runs just fine after I clear my Cache.
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    Why a chromebook? Are you a 9 year old not paying attention to classes just to play an outdated block game?
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    I play on a chromebook and I am not a 9 year old not paying attention to classes and just want to plan an outdated block game.
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    Dear ClassiCubers, It has recently come to my attention that there is approximately 728,000 tons of trash littered everyday. I believe that, since this community is so large, we could band together and start a major cleanup. If you are in, sign the attached petition. -VeeCheeJackie https://chng.it/VzM7pKrjjW
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