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On 4/26/2020 at 9:52 PM, SwagJagson said:

I dont like pewdiepie anymore, here are some reasons why he SUCKS

1. He says dirty things, like saying words like "big pp"

2. He uses the lords name in vein! As a Christian myself, this offends me, He says "goddammit" wich is using the lords name in vein.

3. Swearing, pewdiepie back then use to swear in almost ALL OF HIS VIDEOS, he even said the n-word once! Luckily he rarely swears now

4. He dosent belive in God! YES THATS RIGHT pewdiepie is not Christian, if pewdiepie was christian he wolud never use The lords name in vein.

And I will stop watching pewdiepie now, God told me to stop watching him.

If pewdiepie existed as a TV star before God was taken out of schools and

He wolud, never swear, or use the lords name in vein

Watch unspeakable instead

Remember this is just my opinion so dont hate me


I feel liek thejkid leaving roblox now

I am gonna get a -9999 community reputation by the pepole who dont understand that it's just my opinion because of this post

All I can hear is that one kid in 2014 yelling: I HATE PYOODIEPAY!

Good times.

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Thanks for the post, OP. I will consider altering my opinions on PewDiePie. You've really shown me the light. 🙏

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On 6/26/2020 at 6:30 PM, HruMan said:

I'm not sure what this has to do with ClassiCube



this should be in the off topic thing

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