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  1. That dreaded April 9th when I decided to stay up late.
  2. I become completely resistant to even the highest temperatures on Earth but only if there's a 52 years old masked serial killer trying to kill me in Antarctica.
  3. Hasn't this been tried a few thousand times before already? What's different in this one?
  4. You were not supposed to take that seriously.
  5. So Scratch port of Classicube when?
  6. dude wtf learn how to hack properly you hacked my leg by mistake
  7. bruh that ruins the classicube experience™ now I understand this person's pain
  8. Since when do we have reputation points? And how does this affect your Classicube experience anyways?
  9. can i bump you re mom instead????
  10. I use my microwave. It really does wonders.
  11. Thanks for showing me the path to salvation my friend. I will now stop watching these filthy "content creators" (more like... sin creators or somethn') like pewdiepie and filthyfrank and will instead read the Bible 5 times a day. God bless.
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