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  1. Ethnic Cleansing is my favourite game honestly. You should give it a try.
  2. "for a long time" >may 2020 ok
  3. Step 1: Port forward (can be skipped if you're making a local server) Step 2: Double click mcgalaxy.exe Step 3: congratulazioni you have mastered the art of making servers
  4. Don't let the grief unfinished, that's what most griefers do and it's pretty fail, you're obviously going to get caught if someone finds half a building floating in mid air. Completely yeet something built by someone that hasn't logged in for a while and hf
  5. Disable block physics from the menu and then load the map again.
  6. Stuff like this makes me want to pour every single cleaning product I can find in my house down my throat, and hopefully have a long and painful death.
  7. Honestly, Mojang can absolutely go fuck themselves. And Microsoft too, of course! No-one gets left behind here. They just had to get their filthy hands into the game one way or another, and Mojang just had to suck their dicks as much as they could. "But Daes, stop complaining, you just have to click a few buttons!" Yeah and you can also just stick a few pencils up your ass, let's see how much fun you have with that. This is annoying, and it should've never crossed Mojang's minds. Usually I'd say I'd like to hear your opinions on this, but if you don't agree with me you're wrong and you should go and put your head inside a buffalo's ass.
  8. Seeing (I hope I don't get banned for this) in your block game post makes me cringe almost as much as seeing "2020 anyone????" comments in a Michael Jackson song. Also, the fact that you have to hope you won't get banned most likely means you will get banned, either with that post or in the near future. In fact, wasn't this written in the guidelines?
  9. buy the skins dlc pack on the Cube Storeā„¢
  10. nononono no racism in block game racists belong in gulags
  11. Honestly, I still haven't had trouble with it, but there should be an option to disable it, some random internet lego game shouldn't have forced 2FA, like, come on.
  12. My first suggestion would be not to start programming, but if you really hate yourself that much any version of BASIC (I suggest FreeBasic) is probably a good place to start, since, it's, you know, basic.
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