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  1. Go to Not Awesome 2, I need to tell you something
  2. Yesterday I posted a very dumb post about a cheater on an anarchy server, and my reputation go from -1 to -25 I don't want to play anymore... ?
  3. It all started me not knowing with cheats allowed on the server... Sorry
  4. Lol you're banned in the forums
  5. Well... my bad. I only read that one Reddit post
  6. but in 2b2t you will get banned pretty quick if you do that
  7. I trough that's the same as normal minecraft I trough the concept is the same as 2b2t (where you can't cheat)
  8. Sorry for the lava part, I didn't know that
  9. You are here too!!? I am uninstalling classicube Most Minecraft servers have Anarchy mode too, and they ban cheaters
  10. There's a player called Seriously on the 2C2T server, and he is a cheater! He uses a hacked client to use cheats and admin commands. He may be nice at first, but then he will cause a lot of trouble later! List of his crimes: -he builds bridges on the spawn, which breakes the purpose of the server -he builds a lot of sand / gravel towers, which causes a lot of lag -he spams lava in the sky I hope he will get terminated pretty quick, so the game will be fair again. Thanks.
  11. Rayman Legends (oh god I completed it 100% like 3 times)
  12. World Edit, because I am too lazy to build walls for my castle
  13. I love how simple this game is compared to normal Minecraft, just freebuild and some minigames. No kits, no "pay 5$ to use this skin". And the game doesn't feel like a 2000 thousands dollar company with millions of players.
  14. I'm not sure what this has to do with ClassiCube
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