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Oh snap! I'm about to get banned! For posting?

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I remember when I was new on the classicube forums (I'm kind of still new even though I've been here for almost 2 years) when I was about to make my first post and seeing a warning sign just above the edit section and with a red, blinking font that said:



I got really confused and thought "am I going to get banned for posting?", and then I saw the rules and guideline stuff and realized I was just being paranoid.

The rest of the year I became inactive and didn't get banned, great success. Imagine I post this on the wrong place, that would be silly.

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it actually used to say, "oh fuc! your about to be banned!" 

then it got changed to oh snap, then back to fuk. then back to snap for the final time,

these mods either really dislike when people make bad posts, or dont want to do there jobs. probably the first one.

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It's mostly the first, but also the not-often-considered third option of "they just don't give a shit".
(also, *their)

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And also the warning message while replying to posts say: OH SNAP! Think before you post that probably makes more sense but its still another warning message

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