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  1. *slow clap* clever, but i can one up ya. http://put.nu/files/snvJuLX.txt
  2. this one was PURE cringe. i need bleach this one needs to be shamed. its awful
  3. i agree with that one, 100% also theres another one that i know of
  4. ooooh, thats a one word post! looks like somebodys getting BAAANED lol jk
  5. This game has been arround for 10+ years, and each year, we go through our share of school kids and chromies. Ive had some pretty funny encounters with these types. They are wild and unpredictable. So I wondered, whats got to be the most entitled forum post? Better yet, what one is the most cringe thing you've ever read? For privacy reasons, just copy-paste the text into your post, and don't mention any names. Disclaimer : i am in no way promoting or asking for bullying or harassment. Im looking for, "hey guys, remember when this guy did this?" thats it. no further commentary. If you know who made a post, dont attack them or bully them. I am NOT responsible for any bullying that results from this post.
  6. yeah you could say that. but its alot more complicated
  7. a heavily modified chromebook. i swapped out so many parts from other computers, its just a hodge-podge of parts from MANY different computers, from windows ram storage, to a fan from idk where, to a processor from another chromebook entirely, to a webcam made from a phones "selfie" camera. all packed into an old dell chromebook, whos keyboard is amazing, and its screen is at least over 14 inches wide, by 10 inches tall. its a hell of a mess. but one thing i haven't been able to replace successfully is the battery, so this thing only lasts for about 3 hours max. I will make a google doc showing off what this thing is made of. but yeah, its a fucking mess, and a fucking BEAST. (figuratively) so i basically took a honda crv, and turned it into an off-road lamborghini, or somthin. its just better in all the right and wrong ways. mainly, its personalised to fit MY needs. also, it still somewhat resembles a normal school chromebook. let me know what you think!
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