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  1. my question, is why. why is this a thing?
  2. Well sh!t. looks like this server is gonna be taken down before it gets started
  3. I fixed it, and also the name is pure freedom
  4. Sorry, this has been deleted. this was a terrible idea.
  5. do you know how many times when I'm creating an account for a game, i am asked for an account whether it be a google, bing, yahoo, ect. to use for age verification? A TON!! So if They can ask for accounts like that, then surely classicube can do the same! Hell some games ask for access to my GOOGLE CLASSROOM CLASSES!!! invasion of privacy must be very common among the online game sign-up group.
  6. I can start when-ever you need me to start! just let me know!
  7. hey classicube community! This question has been on my mind for a while, and i was wondering if i could get an answer. So lets say I were to get banned in the forums, would i only be banned from forums, or classicube overall. If the ban only applies for forums, can you be Banned in a way, that your account can no-longer join any classicube server? Also, just a thought, if you have to be 13 or older to play, then you can program the join sequence to require that the person has to agree that classicube can see their google account personal data, and using that data, the code can see if the person is older than 13. if they are not 13 or older, then they cant continue the account creating process, and if they are 13+, then they can continue making the account. its just a thought to weed out the younger ones. please answer the 2 above questions, and let me know what you think about the age verification process. Thanks! ~Doge_Factor ========================================================================================================================================== EDIT: the age verification is probably not the best idea, i will admit to that. also, thanks for the feedback so far. I'm glad classicube has a nice community I can rely on! ==========================================================================================================================================
  8. Doge_Factor

    i need actors

    what kind of actors do you need? i can help with anything. ( I mainly prefer the bad guy )
  9. i'm good at both building and making custom blocks. also, nobody really wants to take the time to build a city. i'm only offering to help, cause im bored and i have nothing better to do.
  10. I agree with you 100%. He will probably come back on when september rolls around. But its crazy to think that classicube just DIES in the summer. so don't worry, he will be back. Eventually.
  11. have you ever been playing classicube, and in the corner of your eye, you think you see a figure. but when you look back, theirs nothing? well, thats alone, or alone steve you saw. alone steve (entity 01) mainly is seen as a pitch black figure, but some have said to have seen a default mc steve. The only time you see him (or catch a glimpse) is when you have been alone on a server or realm for a while, without you going afk. sightings get more frequent the longer your alone. if u want to see him, just go on a server, and be alone. but theirs some psychology to this. if your expecting him, you probaly wont see him, but you still could. For best results, make your render distance at least 50. no more than 100. I've encountered him a lot, but its in servers where im all alone. IF THEIR ARE MORE THAN 5 PEOPLE IN A SERVER, YOU WONT FIND HIM ANYWHERE!!! FOR BEST RESULTS SEEING HIM, GO TO ABANDON SERVERS!!! THE REALM DOES NOT MATTER!!! ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOUR ALONE ALONE ALONE ALONE ALONE ALONE this screenshot is fake, but its purpose is to give an example of what im talking about. See the steve in the left side? one second he is their, the next, hes not.
  12. What the hell is this english! what are you, a 5 year old! also, nobody likes unspeakable, DanTDM is the og, and he will ALWAYS be the og. so get a life, and shut up.
  13. i can only view console of the server, buut, as far as i know, its still their, but can only be started by fletcher. I did alot for that server, and it was sad to see it go down. fletcher, if your reading this, please bring it back. i liked that server.
  14. hey fletcher, i hear your looking for a builder. Id be glad to help!
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