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  1. “The English is strong with this one” r/egrish.
  2. Doge_Factor

    tnt wars

    Uuuh, since when has this been a thing?
  3. Doge_Factor

    tnt wars

    There are no pre-made tnt wars servers for classicube. You would have to program the scripting/code for the plugins. Also for something like that, you would need a different server host other than mcgalaxy. you would also need to have a strong computer, since “vanilla” TNT exploding in mass amounts can be stressful for a low quality server and/or processing unit. my advice, don’t use a chrome book to host it, and go for it. TNT wars is a fun game and I’d love to see it in classicube!
  4. ah, good point. i didn't expect a genuine answer, but that's kinda interesting.
  5. oh. how in the hell have i never noticed that? huh.
  6. how in the hell do you get your sweatshirt on?
  8. 1. your the one that said you made the models yourself. also, the police car is ok but needs work. 2. i got some plugins, you'll see them..... . . . . WHEN I PLUGIN DEEZ NUTS INTO YO MOUTH!!! Got Em!!! but in all seriousness, just search up plugins on the forums, and you should find everything you need if you dig deep enough also, if you want my new and improved bedwars plugin, now with WORKING spectating and enchants (there's just sharpness and prot), its gonna cost ya mmmmm, $5.00 USD via pay-pal. i'm not even joking, the plugin is real but i haven't released it to the community for free, cause then EVERY server would have it. also my main server does not have it, my private testing server does. however, note i said PRIVATE TESTING SERVER!!! so NO i will NOT be giving access to it for free, i'm a businessman (not a scammer) and I dont do "freebies". give me something of value/worth, weather it be real world currency, in game currency, or even ranks on servers. anyways, this reply is getting long. message me if you want to try to purchase access to the PRIVATE server. $5.00 USD for the plugin download. i will accept other currency payments for the plugin, as long as it is equal to $5.00 USD. ~Doge_Factor -Ps. i will be making a youtube video proving the plugin exists, and showcasing its abilities. it will be uploaded in 2-3 days, cause i gotta make and edit it cause im dumb and didn't think to make a video along time ago. oof.
  9. so, i JUST found out classicube fourms had a dark mode. does everybody know about this? if you didnt know where to find dark mode, its under the guidelines tab. If you do turn it on, it will make the fourms look like this i just wanted to share this, because i thought is was cool, and nobody has made a post on it. well, none that i could find. ~Doge_Factor
  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ooooh mods.... hehehe. not sorry, recces peanut butter cups ts a joke
  11. if im gonna be honest, i think that the devs should make it so you can change your name ONCE. If you do change your name and join a server, it will say, for example: "AxolotlBoi23 - also known as - Doge_Factor - Connected" (new name) (old name) this way, if some-one changed there name to avoid/go arround a ban, the owners or staff would know. and maybe it would even add the new name to the ban list of a server. that would be ideal. and also, the owner/staff can easily find out whos a baned person, asking other people who the message said the origional name was, and telling the owner or staff. Finally, if you do end up changing your mind, you can switch back to your old name, 10 to 30 days after you changed your name. the name change and switch-Back can only be done once. if you go back to your old name, it would display the usual connected message. this would be hard to do, but if the devs can make an advanced minecraft game thats made to be modifyed, and is mainly IN BROWSER, they im shure they could figure out how to do this! its just an idea. ~Doge_Factor
  12. I've said this before, and i'll say this again and again, because it needs to be said. unless your server offers something unique, please dont make another server. if the server is another stereotypical freebuild server, then please dont make it. there's already WAY too many of them out there already. these servers 9/10 times die and get abandoned really quickly. then the server just sits in the server list, decaying and dead, only being visited by the occasional greifer. BUUUUUT, if you got a bright new idea for a server, something thats never been done before, Go ahead! If you gonna do something that others tried and failed to do, then try to out do them! this simple block game is built on the foundations of creativity and originality. so if you got something original for your server, make it, and dont let anybody steal your idea, cause you could grow to be bigger than NA2! if you got the determination, creativity, and originality, GO OUT THERE AND BLOW OUR MINDS. if you fail, then know that you tried, and you will be remembered for trying something new. if not, then at least you made some memories, new friends, and had fun. cause in the end, isn't that what were all really here for? good luck to you, and know that the community is here to support you! (as long as your nice to others and are not toxic. 😉 ~Doge_Factor
  13. tbh, I gave up on humanity years ago, so if people hate me for who i am, then let them hate. it will come back to bite them one day, that's karma. I believe that in life, there are only 2 things that are certain. death and karma (what goes around, comes around/treat others as you want to be treated/etc.)
  14. uuuh, no, I made the models AND I installed the plugin! dont you DARE try to take credit for MY models you FOOL!
  15. it leads to a drive containing the beginning of an ARG. who ever solves the arg gets a $20 dollar steam gift card. not even capping
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