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  1. hey fletcher, i hear your looking for a builder. Id be glad to help!
  3. the instant i saw this, i thought "lol. goodly." dont ask me why, but i just thought that the deer looked like goodly. please dont hate me
  4. so i was playing with some friends on true anarchy, when i asked them "hey, you guys wanna go on na2 and play some crumble? (basically spleef) they then replied "the other servers wont let us join. this is the only one we can play together." so this raised the question, can ANYBODY play true anarchy, or do they have accounts, and there's something wrong on their end. (or they are refusing to play on a server with LARGE amounts of block diversity, and lots of people on practically 24/7)
  6. ok, the contest will be back on in EXACTALY 4 hours. BE READY!!!!!
  7. ITS GONNA BE STARTING SOON!!! GET READY AND GET ON!!! cause its time... also, just a follow-up, it will start a 10:30 central american time.
  8. oh. its called doges revenge. il un-ban you. (idk y u wuld be ban do)
  9. Members of the classicube community, I am Doge_Factor. Im know in classicube for having the most toxic (ex) boyfriend, Making an EPIC lambo model (and other cool models), and building for Just-started servers. My server will be hosting The most stressful, rage-inducing, rated-MA, horrific event IN CLASSICUBE HISTORY!!!! I just threw that image together, cause I accidently deleted the old one. THIS IS NO FOR-FUN CONTEST!!! THIS WILL MAKE YOU MAD, AND MAY CREATE HATE TOWARDS OTHERS!!! The contest compiles of 5 rounds, with set goals Round 1 - Prop-Hunt Round 2 - PPP Parkour (Perfection, Persistence, Patience) Round 3 - Don't fall (Tower Parkour) Round 4 - 15 Minute's To Build (Building Competition) Round 5 - Survive... [we will see]... Now, you may be asking, "cool, but what do I get if i win?" Well, There is no first, second or third place. it all comes down to how many points you have at the end of all 5 rounds. Who ever has the most points gets... Your Very Own Server With the following included in it, Venks PvP/survival Plugin NA2's Reward plugin The Custom Models Plugin (models included) from na2 A Pre-Built Main Venks Hold Plugin And More!!! (yes you get console) Or I can just give you a $10 Amazon Gift Card. (these rewards are NOT a scam. If I fail to get you The prize you chose, I may die a slow and horrible death, and I'm a Pedo) The points you can earn are the following, Round 1 - [winner=5 points] Round 2 - [point system is as follows. first=amount of contestants, second=contestants-1, third=contest-2, ect] Round 3 - [if you are the last one alive, 5 points. if you complete it, an additional 5 points] Round 4 - [depending on how I rate your build, anywhere from 20 to 0 points] Round 5 - [we will see]... But When is It? I was supposed to post this on wednesday, but I got Side-Tracked. THE EVENT IS TOMORROW!!! I will add a comment specifying the time, because I'm still getting that part figured out. How Do I sign up? No pre-sign up needed! just show up, and BOOM Your in! You can Join any time! you can join even if were in the middle of it! (but your probably not going to win though) How do I get Eliminated Its not a matter of if you get eliminated, its a matter if you have the patience, Endurance, Temper, and the ability to keep going even though it may seem unfair. if you can do all that, then theres no reason you cant win, let alone quit. (This contest is NOT BIAS!! when the time comes, you will go from friends and fellow players, to "test-dummies") How Will You Give Me The Gift Card? I will just email you a photo of the gift cards redeem code (il also type it incase you cant read it. also, it DOES HAVE $10s ON IT!!! and if you want to, il go onto a zoom, and show all of you the un-used, brand new, gift card) What Server Do I Go To? Doges Revenge. What can I Do To Prepare? Two things, 1. Practice your Parkour 2. Pray I'L SEE YOU THERE!!!
  10. WOW!! $20 Steam Game!!! man, if only i had steam. buuut, i dont. il just let somebody else have tha money if i win.
  11. Hey classicube community, i'm planning on programing a plugin, but it's hard making anything work with javascript. I would like to know, what language would you recommend me using to create a plugin. also, im putting this in the Classicube general section, because this is a question that's came up very frequently, and i just want to make this post really for anybody who wants to make a plugin of their own, but don't know where to start. so please classicube forum moderators, if you would much rather this be in the "i need help" section, i can re-post it there, but please, don't ban me! i love trying to answer questions and help people in the forum.
  12. what do you mean by "i cant join servers". are the banning you, or an error message comes up? please be more specific
  13. Its a good way to get people to think before they post, but its really not necessary to have holy f in big bold letters being the first thing you see. i liked it better when it just said "YOUR ABOUT TO BE BAN!!" That was a lot more friendlier than holy f. also, the LAST thing we need is some 8-year-old asking their mom "what does fuk mean?". (that would be pretty funny, but still.) please make it so it doesn't have a giant swear on your screen, because if your mom walked in, and saw that on your screen, she would NOT be happy. (at least my mom wouldn't be)
  14. ACTUALY, you can, just use eddyn.net. link here https://eddyn.net/projects/games/
  15. their was a wiki! man, i wish i knew that ALONG time ago! thank you though!
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