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Favorite Minecraft Mod?

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2 hours ago, KostyaHellstorm said:

whatever fundy makes

Those are data packs, not mods. Although there are some but they are all private or just jarmods (Modifications of the base game without any modloader).

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My favourite Mods on Minecraft are:

  • Lucky Blocks
  • Little Block
  • Shape Shifter
  • Portal Gun
  • Smart Moving
  • The Twilight Forest
  • Aether
  • Thaumcraft 4
  • NEI / TMI (Not Enough Items / Too Many Items)
  • SpawnerGUI
  • Tinker's Construct
  • Plants VS. Zombies
  • Divine RPG
  • ComputerCraft
  • Hats

I might forget something, but these are the mods that i remember clearly and i liked and i used to play with em 😄

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i lean towards mainly mods like buildcraft, ic2, forestry and railcraft myself, though i do also like quark, optifine and biomes o plenty

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