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Remove texture pack from world?


I was just going through servers, and I found a map with blocks I really like.

I love the textures with it, but I was hoping I could take out the textures and modify them.

Since the world is saved in .cw format, I can't really figure out what to do! 

Can anybody help me?

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Preface: None of this works if you are using a chromebook.

You need to load the .cw world in your own MCGalaxy server: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy
Once you have MCGalaxy running, put the .cw world inside the folder "extra/import"
Now join your server (with direct connect, as mentioned in the README.md on MCGalaxy's website), and use /import [name of world]
Then /goto [name of world]
/mi env
click the url of the texture pack from the map info; download it, and now you can edit it.

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If you want to take the texture, modify it to your liking then put it back on the server, you'd have to write /mi env, then click on the link which shows up.

Download the texture pack (it'll either be a .zip or .png) and extract it if it's the former. Then, modify terrain.png using an image editor (like GIMP or Paint.Net) and save it. If the original texture pack was a .zip, take all the files and archive them again. 


Once you archived your modified terrain.png together with the rest of the textures, find a file hosting website. This can be dropbox, put.nu, catbox.moe or others. Upload the texture pack and select permament for the storage option (if the file host you're using lets you pick). 


Once you've uploaded the texture pack, copy its link, join the server, create a new realm using /os map add, then go to that realm using /os go, then do /os map texturezip <URL>. 


You will now have your modified textures on your map. Hope this helps. If you want to modify the map you mentioned in your post itself but don't have the permissions to change its textures, you should either follow Goodly's answer or go to that map, check its size with /mi, resize your personal realm to that size, then do /copy and /ma on that map, then go to yours and do /paste and /m 0 0 0. This should copy the blocks of the map over to your realm. 

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Posted (edited)

You can take the textures by typing the command /mi env.

You can downoad the texture there.

(Note: You can't remove the texture pack of the server.)

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