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  1. you gotta wait for it to load. It happened to me before.
  2. new blood zombie survival and new blood map build ~tbh its the only 2 i play :^~
  3. I agree I think its rlly good. I also like how it detailed in a way. The time u put in is something i wish i could do :' )
  4. Xx_sarah_xX

    plz reply

    /ignore <player name>
  5. Mk so someone bring me bleach, Holy Water, the Quran, The Bible, and sum sprite to help this man :^
  6. I mean i kinda do because he bans u for deleting his map but maybe work things out with them if u can lmao
  7. I cry in a corner till it starts up again ❤️
  8. lmao but i mean its whatever ig
  9. Oh okay thank you
  10. Xx_sarah_xX


    I wanted to know where I am supposed to go for the moderator test? Thank you!
  11. Xx_sarah_xX

    Bro help

    I know that but some people dont know how to use it
  12. Xx_sarah_xX

    Bro help

    Maybe bc he 1) doesnt know how to or 2) because its easier
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