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  1. Tou

    Play with a touchpad

    just get used to it i use trackpad to play classicube
  2. So, top 2 staff members? Could've just put "Top 2 Staff Members".
  3. Tou


    Opinion on it? i personally find it a really good game.
  4. woo... another one. how much servs are reviving not awesome survival???
  5. ok this has happened to me but i fixed it. (this is a joke btw) 1. panic 2. panic even more 3. stop panicing 4. delete classicube and throw ur device out of the window 5. run out of ur house 6. jump into ur grave. 7. well done its fixed.
  6. whack the cat with netherite, it instakills it.
  7. why make a post talking about impersonations when you tried to impersonate staff??
  8. go touch grass but seriously, go play something like a hat in time when your bored, or experiment with new games.
  9. ive always had it on, doesnt burn my eyeballs.
  10. cookn bakeies i understand now why they're call bacon and cookies it doesnt sound right
  11. ur mom funny plz laugh and yes ive been gone for 50 million years
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