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  1. Yes, you need to download the CC source code, Homebrew for XB360, and software to write the code. But you should know this, I mean...
  2. Im assuming by "requirements" you mean you literally don't have an xbox 360, and yet your asking for a port of ClassiCube for Xbox 360.
  3. Portality and Aether all the way.
  4. lunar454


    No, there is no plugin for bedwars avalible that has been scripted by someone and is out to the public. You would have to code it yourself. Also, it might be a little hard to create a legitimate bedwars plugin for ClassiCube. This is not Minecraft, so I doubt you could create a server-side plugin that lets you play High Pixel quality bedwars. And even if you were able to get that plugin, it would require more resources then one plugin.
  5. This isn't a question, so don't post it in I Need Help!
  6. Don't know why i can't just have one taste in music but eh (Pls don't ban me I'm just reading out my saved artists)
  7. You can host a server on a chromebook (and any other device with a web browser) by using web hosting, such as eddynetweb. It might be a little confusing to find the registar page. But you can register for a server here:https://eddyn.net/projects/games/ and access the server console here: https://games.eddyn.net. Note that verification email can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of months to deliver.
  8. Im trying to log on to the main site, but everytime I enter classicube.net into my address bar, I get an error 500 message. Is the site being worked on, or is it down?
  9. lunar454

    Kick all

    Im not sure if you could kick everyone, however you can mute the enitre server (/moderate), shutdown the server (/shutdown [Shutdown time]). But otherwise Im pretty sure you have to manually kick everyone.
  10. you might be joining a server that as no active members. if your using downloaded client i would make sure your clicking the right button so you enter the server select screen.
  11. yes, you have to get a new pc, make sure you spend AT LEAST 500 dollars on it, this will improve performance. also, make sure you dont have a vpn, web proxy, or any kind of security active, also, turn off your antivirus as windows really doesn't like classicube that much and will try to block it at all costs. also dont forget to download as many plugins for classicube as humanly possible, to improve your playing experience. download. every. plugin. also, save every world you visit, so you can take them with you on long trips or if your wifi goes out.
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