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  1. The reason this will not work is simply because the ClassiCube developers aren't the ones hosting servers. Servers are hosted on your computer over your network, and they are not hosted on the ClassiCube website.
  2. Stop, before i send you back to the seventh circle of hell, you spawn of satan!
  3. For me, I would post a 5,000 word collage-level sympnosis on corn
  4. Processor: Intel Core i5-10300H Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 TI 4GB Display: 16.1" Full HD IPS Memory: 8GB DDR4 SDRAM Storage: 256GB SSD OS: Windows 10 Home It can run ClassiCube without collapsing in on itself and imploding. (HP Pavilion 16 Gaming Laptop PC)
  5. Either a meatball sub or like eggs, bacon and cheese sandwhiched in between two pancakes (which is literallly just a McGriddle)
  6. We are not talking about cc monday here, were talking about CC Tournament. different things completely
  7. Yes, you need to download the CC source code, Homebrew for XB360, and software to write the code. But you should know this, I mean...
  8. Im assuming by "requirements" you mean you literally don't have an xbox 360, and yet your asking for a port of ClassiCube for Xbox 360.
  9. Portality and Aether all the way.
  10. lunar454


    No, there is no plugin for bedwars avalible that has been scripted by someone and is out to the public. You would have to code it yourself. Also, it might be a little hard to create a legitimate bedwars plugin for ClassiCube. This is not Minecraft, so I doubt you could create a server-side plugin that lets you play High Pixel quality bedwars. And even if you were able to get that plugin, it would require more resources then one plugin.
  11. This isn't a question, so don't post it in I Need Help!
  12. Don't know why i can't just have one taste in music but eh (Pls don't ban me I'm just reading out my saved artists)
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