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  1. https://classicube-merch.creator-spring.com/
  2. i'm laughing out of my ass when looking at this post. like literally... are my eyes lying to me or are people just this stupid to figure out a difference between a host and a software?????
  3. The /TP command is used several times in the maps of the authors you listed on the server. However, I found it interesting that I can't use any of them and that it's restricted to Operator. You should probably fix it by using an air /portal block instead of the message blocks. I also find it interesting that there are shit themes in all those maps but well, they are easy and pretty decent parkours anyways.
  4. as long as you are not childish, you should be fine.
  5. ok well when you say mods it reminds me of mods that is based on the fnaf themes that was irrelevant so i am going to get into the point You are referring to two different things. MCGalaxy is one of the server software used for ClassiCube servers, while ClassiCube is the game itself. So @aftonwilliam697 will have to specify which one he is referring to. If you are talking about ClassiCube plugins, there are not many. The ones I can find are CEF and chat sounds. While there are many for MCGalaxy, which generally should provide a purpose such as a gamemode or feature in the server.
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