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    Radmin is just a software to access a remote computer. Unless if you give us what OS you are going to use. In general, you can host using Windows, and also you would be able to host on macOS or a Linux distro with mono.
  2. Use something like MCGalaxy. Currently I can't think of any other server software that also offers TNT Wars. You could also try making one yourself.
  3. You can go to this site with premade texture packs done by 123DontMessWitMe here: https://123dmwm.com/texturepacks.html If you want to make a texture pack yourself, you should just reference one of the texture packs on his site.
  4. I mean some of them are. You should probably schedule an appointment so you can have your doctor check your eyes sometime soon.
  5. It's up to the staffs on Omegabuild to unban you. I am not sure if I should give you the unban forms, but there should probably have a link to the forms when you try to join the server on that account.
  6. There aren't. The ones you see when you type /botai list are the ones built in by default. However, you can make BotAIs yourself. I am not sure how you'd do it though.
  7. FYI that on console you must specify the level name after the first arguement (env).
  8. Yes, Unk is UnknownShadow. I generally suggest to add 2FA, backup emails and phone numbers or else you won't be able to retrieve your email password. You can't just reset your email password without one of these backups in places btw..
  9. No, that's the texture pack with the textures replaced by modern Minecraft textures.
  10. I want to add to this although I am late on the post - you should run the command /server reload or restart the server for the configurations to apply. C# is the programming language used for MCGalaxy, which is required if you want to program sophisticated features for your server by custom commands or plugins. You might mean the basic knowledge of maintaining it and knowing how to operate it.
  11. /help perbuild if you need further help do /perbuild [rank] and the [rank] should be the minimal rank you want for players to build in the map..
  12. You are right, and as the author I currently do suggest everyone to use https://github.com/goodlyay/nas instead of my plugin (for now) since school had started for me and I haven't had the time to add / fix certain things. I mainly modified the settings so when its at night the blocks wouldn't have that light. You should hope for it to be fixed & released somewhere in this month or so however.
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