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    I was wondering if, and if yes, how can I make my server on a Chromebook? #Chromie4Eva
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    could you just download google chrome instead of chromebook to make server
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    /os zone pervisit nobody or smtn lols
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    that doesn't help, tell us your problem
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    Oh great! I’ll try that, I hope when I quit a server the list can open back up, but I’m guessing there’s a setting for that too also, mods, please don’t ban me for this post I didn’t realize I just had the wrong settings
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    map gold parkour.cw map zombie.cw
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    Never share your password, especially not in the title of a public forum post.
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    You should go into your email, verify your account (by opening the email from classicube.net and clicking the "Verify" button) then click on the "Play" button on the website. Also, NEVER share your password online.
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    Stop lieing all you did was hack my console and stole my server well since I can't talk in console because IDK why but I found a loop hole
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