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How do you rest your settings


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I got to carried away messing with all the settings  wondering  what it all was and so i know what is all is its just i what to restart it so  if im playing Ctf or Zs i dont hit key that i did not what to hit 

its like hotkeys  but i know how to delete thos 

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i whated to say something els

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If you're using the desktop/android client, just delete options.txt from the folder where the ClassiCube executable is to reset all your settings.


If you're using the web client, it's a bit trickier as you need to delete options.txt from IndexedDB. How to do that depends on which web browser you're using.

For example, with Chrome, you can do that by:

  1. Opening Developer Tools
  2. Switch to Application tab in Developer Tools
  3. Select IndexedDB under Storage panel on left pane
  4. Expand /classicube, then expand FILE_DATA
  5. Right click the /classicube/options.txt entry and then click Delete


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What client are you using? If you are using the web client, try clearing your cookies, if you are on the app client, you may have to reinstall the app client. (as if now theres no "Default Settings" button in the settings on both clients.)

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how do i save my settings on the web client bc when i exit out of tab and reopen it my settings reset and i dont like haveing to set them everytime i join a server or decide to exit the tab?

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