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Hello. I was thinking if anyone wanted to make a Classicube Championship, consisting of PVP, Parkour, Zombie Survival, Capture The Flag, ETC. Tell me if you would be interested in being on the Team to build it all with me! If anyone is interested in doing this type of thing, it will be on July 1st, because of building the maps.

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52 minutes ago, 1o77 said:


The problem is, i cant create a server 😞 

34 minutes ago, Matthew132 said:

And the CC Monday copies are already starting.

Can i be a team helper pls?

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Wow. I love that classic freebuild. That stone head is amazing. A little house there too and a bridge. Nice. My italics showed sarcasm. Why would you copy my maps and blocks? I put effort on my maps, and you copied them with no effort at all!

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3 hours ago, DOOODE said:

It was orignially mints server he made it so dont blame me...

I'm interested on joining the CC Championships to play 😄

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Adding on to my post
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