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  1. how can i enabel missiles on map someone plz tell me
  2. i need help to figure out how to use the botai walking fetcher
  3. Bot, BotAI, Bots, BotSet, BotSummon, Abort, Bezier, Bind, Brush, Calculate, Center, CopySlot, DoNotMark, Mark, CmdBind, Copy, Cuboid, Delete, Draw, Drill, Fill, Hollow, ImagePrint, Line, Maze, Measure, MB, Mode, Outline, Paint, Palette, Paste, Place, Portal, Pyramid, Rainbow, Redo, ReplaceAll, ReplaceBrush, ReplaceNotBrush, Sphere, Transform, Triangle, Replace, ReplaceNot, RestartPhysics, Spheroid, Spin, SPlace, Static, Torus, Tree, Undo, WriteText, Write, 8ball, AdminChat, AFK, Color, Eat, Emote, Hug, Ignore, Inbox, LoginMessage, LogoutMessage, Me, Nick, OpChat, Clear, RankMsg, Roll, Say, Send, TColor, Title, Vote, Whisper, High5, CustomColors, EntityRot, Environment, Hold, Model, ModelScale, Ping, ReachDistance, Skin, Texture, GlobalBlock, LevelBlock, Award, AwardMod, Awards, Buy, Economy, Give, Balance, Pay, Store, Take, CountDown, Explode, FlipHeads, Gun, LavaSurvival, Missile, Referee, Slap, Team, TntWars, CTF, AKA, ZombieSurvival, About, BanInfo, Blocks, Clones, Commands, FAQ, HasIRC, Help, RankInfo, ServerInfo, LastCmd, Loaded, MapInfo, News, OpRules, OpStats, PClients, Players, Rules, Search, Seen, Time, Top, Levels, View, ViewRanks, Where, WhoIs, WhoNick, BlockDB, BlockSpeed, InfoSwap, IRCBot, Limit, LowLag, PlayerEdit, Restart, Server, Shutdown, Ban, BanEdit, BanIP, BlockSet, CmdSet, Follow, Freeze, Hide, Highlight, IRCControllers, Joker, Kick, Location, Moderate, MoveAll, Mute, Notes, MyNotes, OHide, P2P, Pass, Patrol, Possess, Report, RS, Review, SetRank, TempBan, TempRank, Trust, Unban, UnbanIP, UndoPlayer, VIP, Voice, Warn, Whitelist, XBan, Zone, ZoneTest, ZoneList, ZoneMark, Ascend, Back, Delay, Descend, FakeRank, Fly, HackRank, Invincible, Kill, Ride, SendCmd, Summon, Timer, TP, TPA, RageQuit, Quit, CrashServer, Hacks, CmdCreate, CmdLoad, CmdUnload, Compile, CompLoad, Plugin, BlockProperties, CopyLvl, DeleteLvl, FixGrass, Goto, Import, Load, Lockdown, Main, Map, Museum, NewLvl, Overseer, Pause, Warp, Waypoint, Physics, RenameLvl, ResizeLvl, Restore, Reload, Save, SetSpawn, Spawn, Unflood, Unload, PerBuild, PerVisit, Impersonate, CustomModel, Accept, Deny, Divorce, Marry, PvP, SafeZone, Weapon, Tool, Block, Potion FOR MULTIPLAYER
  4. pls tell me what cmds can help me with dat
  5. ummm can you not post that here bc you will get banned
  6. what are all the things i need to do to start ctf?
  7. i want to know if there are any other heartbeat urls
  8. how can i change the heartbeat of the game to be different
  9. delete all the files then reinstall the server
  10. i would like to add ranks on my server sincerely, minecraft_1589
  11. plz answer that so i can add emotes to my server sincerely, minecraft_1589
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