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  1. ok and did i ask u for opinion?
  2. I would like to know if there is a limit to how many servers u can have bc @Doge_Factor says there is
  3. no like they are actual doors not like /door like a real door block
  4. Some of the players say that they cat delete or place my door blocks. i would like to know how to fix it
  5. min would have to be RL craft bc its lit
  6. I would like to know if coders could help me make a sneaking plugin if so plz dm me :D
  7. really you think im stopid i just want to know if yall can add crouching to the game
  8. but it would be helpful for building lol no im talking about adding crouch to the game
  9. ya never know maby they will
  10. Yall should make a plugin that u can crouch and can clip to the block to make building better
  11. OwO lol noice one
  12. May is not the owner icanttellyou is
  13. For example on @MasterlazorX server he has door blocks with door function. and i would like to know how i could do the same
  14. Is it possible to customize your servers tablist?
  15. when u do %r and then type something it shows in your chat bar but does not work in chat
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