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  1. they send me ZERO links and idk how to make them send me a link so i can VERIFY my stupid ACCOUN%UBHEUFHHD NHCD any help?
  2. i can figure out how to fucking verify lmfao im dumb 😂
  3. do i HAVE to download it or can i just log in for the 10th time, i logged in 10 times now and i can play multi
  4. like in BH there is an Off topic to talk about random stuff and BHH for stuff related to the game any help?
  5. 1o77

    how can i verefy?

    thanks! also ur almost at 69 posts lmfao
  6. would be very helpful if you answer, i need welp
  7. 1o77

    how can i verefy?

    hi there, im 1o77 i'm new here and i came from a game called brickhill. but i wanted to play multiplayer but im not sure how to, it tells me i need to verify my account but i'm not very sure how to, if any one can help me it would really mean the most just reply please
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