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  1. What server you want to meet on?
  2. So who is gonna compete for minecraft?
  3. It was orignially mints server he made it so dont blame me...
  4. well i think mint just took the server down ;l
  5. It still says the level is locked
  6. Not a os map, a map made by staff or owner or whatever.
  7. Hi, Can someone pls tell me how i can make a map in a server not private? pls and thank you.
  8. i dont know how it looks very hard
  9. So mint gave me his server, but he wont rename it what i want it, and he is being rude about it and it is now MY server. Does anyone have any advice? he also banned me 😞
  10. it is not "my" server nesacarilly
  11. Can someone pls tell me how to rename a server because mint gave me his server and named it something disgusting. pls help
  12. The problem is, i cant create a server 😞 Can i be a team helper pls?
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