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what the heck just happened????

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ThatGoateeZoey was BANNED for this post by AndrewPH

Ban Reason: You get banned for making shitty one-word posts and then banned again for complaining about the 4 hour ban you were given - 1 day

Edit: I deeply apologize about this forum post everyone I didn't really had a good mood from yesterday due to me and a friend in one of my online friend groups on discord had a fight, which didnt help me that i got angry about it and made this dumb post here which got me banned again, and im sorry for everything what i said about the dumb stuff i said outside of cc fourms about andrew and the bans, i feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed of myself to say witty shit about him too, i take everything back about it along with everything i said in this forum post by now i do actually deserve being banned for this aswell.

sorry if this is just shitty im just not ok right now with my mental health right now too (and sorry for deleting everything in this post though, im just stupidly embarrased) and I do apologize to Andrew about this too so... - Z

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Banned for breaking rule 3.


Edit: For more context with regards to your bans, consider the following: this is a longform discussion platform (a forum), not a chatroom.

does the reply "oh" meaningfully contribute in any way to the conversation at hand? It certainly didn't in the case you got banned.

is that extremely subjective and up to the moderator's discretion whether or not you get banned? yes, but I try to be fairly consistent. I have no reason to be sneaky about my bans, and there is no hidden agenda with why I banned you.


I'm not expecting everybody to write an essay with their posts, but put a little bit of effort into it - posting for the sake of posting, without any actual content, is godawful. Furthermore, I recommend you read the Guidelines since evidently you missed rule 3.

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6 hours ago, Matthew132 said:

Big woop


(I hope I dont get banned for this)

Seeing (I hope I don't get banned for this) in your block game post makes me cringe almost as much as seeing "2020 anyone????" comments in a Michael Jackson song.

Also, the fact that you have to hope you won't get banned most likely means you will get banned, either with that post or in the near future. In fact, wasn't this written in the guidelines?

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As someone who praises Andrew PH (Not that hes real) as a god im obligated to say you deserved it.

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