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2-Factor Authentication and you

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Hello! You may have noticed that you're now being asked for a "Login Code" when you log in from a new location (or new connection), and you might be wondering what that is and why it's happening.

This is called 2-factor authentication, and what that means is it requires that you prove who you are by not only using your password, but also by providing a unique random code sent to a secure location that only you should have access to. In this case, your email.

That prevents somebody from logging into your account, even if they know your account password, as long as your email and email password are secured.

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Why am I being forced to use it?? I don't want this, my account won't ever get hacked!!

This is being enabled site-wide with no option to turn it off at this time. This probably will change in the future, but I don't have a solid timeframe yet.

It's been forced on because there was recently an attempted hack that exposed the fact that over 1% of the playerbase used their username as their password. Evidently the playerbase can't be trusted to use secure passwords, judging by that statistic.


Anyway, hopefully this doesn't cause too much of a ruckus with any of you. If you get locked out of your account, visit us on Discord and we'll look into the issue.

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I was wondering what the whole code thing was about and was just thinking that it was cause i havent been on in a while. Good to know that 2FA is a thing now.

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I don't have a phone or e-mail, what am I going to do???why would you do this to me? GIF

13 minutes ago, DA_KING said:

I don't have a phone or e-mail, what am I going to do???why would you do this to me? GIF

Thank you to Shadows for responding to my post, I got my first 'big woop' and feel happy!

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