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You WILL listen to my favorite albums‼️ >:(

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guess who back bingbingbingbingbingbingBINGBINGbingbingbingbingbingbingbingbing

i know its been a while but now im back with a brand new brap and i dont mean brap as in a new case of auhauhauhauh

album recommendation time uhhhhhhhhh today we got a not rock album again finally

ESPRIT 空想 - 200% Electronica

200% Electronica | ESPRIT 空想 | George Clanton

this album was put together by the insanely talented Electronic producer George Clanton, and even though his non-Vaporwave music is better, his Vaporwave alias ESPRIT 空想 is still very much worth mentioning because its just like really really good pretty much

got this album on cassette and it go hard i can confirm its a banger

listen NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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