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  1. Probably JS and then soon after TS. If you learn ts, you should be aquainntent further with other languages 😄
  2. Java, if you catched that try-catch correctly. 😠
  3. Hey doge_factor! 💞 I am here to shill about my javascript server software! It supports most cpe's and it is very modifiable! PR's are welcome! Github: https://github.com/yourfriendoss/Cla55ic Connect via Cla55ic on the serverlist!
  4. this is what happens if i have no electricity, which happens more than my internet going out. 1. go outside.. maybe.. 2. watch anime on my laptop if i still have any (also only for like long periods of no electicity) (i dont watch anime usually) 3. start a singleplayer world 4. make some art 5. i usually have some kind of battery back up, put that to my phone and talk to my friends 6. code on my laptop (slow but works)
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