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  1. Hey guys, my Spotify recommendations have been getting kind of bland and stale lately. Give me a couple songs to spike my listening history, RIGHT NOW, or you will die in the indeterminately-distant future. I'll start. 5 songs (in no discernible order): Anamanaguchi - EVERYTHING EXPLODES Title Fight - Crescent-Shaped Depression Nigel Godrich - Love Me Some Walking George Clanton - Make It Forever The Offspring - Want You Bad ------------------------- Now give me songs so I can either point and laugh at your shit music takes or applaud you on how unbelievably based you are. (this is a test, and you will be graded at the end of the class period)
  2. This dude is great mods can we keep him
  3. I’m really loving The Hotelier recently. EDIT: And also The Smashing Pumpkins. Can’t forget about them.
  4. this is actually a lie this person is working for the government seek refuge in canada asap EDIT: make sure to bring some snacks in case you get hungry
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create some organic patterns on my map, and I'm wondering if there's a way to do fills of assorted blocks like WorldEdit. (e.g. //set stone,diorite,andesite,granite) Anyone know a command that can do this?
  6. Yo bro, cool set up for an ARG! Although if you're really going for a good ARG, I would suggest not responding to messages, as it really breaks the immersion. If you have to respond, I would probably respond in some resemblance of character, as to make it feel like I'm talking to someone within the confines of the ARG. I've seen many ARG creators do this and it honestly kind of ruins their ARGs, no offense. Hope it goes somewhere tho, good luck!
  7. no because that generation doesnt exist no one was born after i was born i dont wanna think about it
  8. How much y'all wanna bet half of the people in this thread were born between 2005-2007?
  9. So I'm trying to do this thing where the player falls down into the main lobby area of my server and gets an achievement for it. I assume I'd have to place some kind of zone or trigger for the player to fall through and run the command to get the achievement, but is that doable in CC, and if so, how do I do it? Any help is appreciated.
  10. You fishing for the wrong type of mod.
  11. This answer changes alot from time to time as it's usually very hard for me to stick to one artist or genre of music for longer than about a month or two, but here's what's up rn: 1: Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place (also I'm gonna say Nude goes here too because it's equally amazing) 2: YAMEII - Baby My Phone (this song is like a back scratcher for my brain) 3: Mario Judah - Bih Yah (better WLR drop than the actual Playboi Carti drop lmao) 4: American Football - Five Silent Miles (would have gone to Never Meant but it just doesnt vibe the same) 5: My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep (haha vacuum go VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) AYO BASED DEPARTMENT? 😳😳😳
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