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  1. Eating ants is a good source of protein.
  2. I'd give grass an 8/10. Can get ants in my hands sometimes but really good.
  3. Thanks, i will now use this method in self defense.
  4. I don't have GameJolt, but i do have GameMaker. Also, wrong board perhaps?
  5. No, unfortunately I am a sphere. Sphere in a cube game. I am very Sphere. I am a 3 dimensional circle.
  6. You upload the BBModel to a file hoster site (e.g. Dropbox, Catbox, etc.), then you get the link to the file.
  7. ok gib uwfao form password pl.
  8. Honestly, "breathe air" is the only good thing that had came out of Andrew Tate's mouth.
  9. Why are there spambots on the cc forums now of all places??
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