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  1. lol its a random name for a girl in part of this event
  2. How do you make a bot chase u and kill u? plz tell me bruh
  3. yesterday i was in the server console was saying ALOT of clues console said that Karl was the only one who could see Jenny. i have alot of screenshots i have more but im lazy
  5. Who is Jenny????? idfk @Slimey had made a new post called ¨I hope Jenny never minds...¨ ok we got a new character and a picture with JENNY JENNY JENNY a lot of times like a note of some sort. Maybe Jenny is blood guy or the person behind this maybe even a traitor. i really got nothing to say other than Zink stop posting things when i make a new theory bruh
  6. @Slimey had made a new post its a link to some kind of google doc. The post said ¨save them...¨ which is talking about a person or some people. I clicked the link and it said access denied i told Zink and she said ¨i know¨. While i was writing this i got a message from Zink that said ¨THEY told me...¨ again a person or a group of people. Save them is maybe the blood guy has then somewhere or in something maybe blood guy is Karl or them is Karl. They told me.. might be the blood guy or group of people because they can we a pronoun for a person i still don't know if its a person or a group of people. Maybe Karl told her.
  7. (ps spoilers) uh ye karl obviously has something to do with this i have no idea who this karl person is but it might be the white guy with the blood. @Slimey which we now call zink ends with a k like "karl" but karl starts with a k does zink have something to do with this event? The blood dude says "I See U There Karl...." maybe we will see more of this blood dude later so i guess we know the blood guy is not karl unless he is talking to himself. Maybe we are seeing karl later in the event, this is part one of the event so we will maybe get some more clues. (ps spoilers)
  8. this sounds like one of those scams on youtube of ¨how to get free robux free 2021! ¨
  9. @KK22 @tetrisplayer2 @Magical89
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