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  1. I can taste the pixels from my screen its good thanks for the sundae
  2. I honestly like staying inside
  3. Dear tetrisplayer, Thanks -CaptainOofyIsDumb
  4. I was there also @Unova_Shade and @Turtle84375 I was MiniAxolotl. And the person was just annoying
  5. Now I honestly don't know it's not like I even go to that server.
  6. i'm trying to get myself banned from gogos server and he wont ban me but then he took it to far and took my name and made it look like I said stuff like, ¨I love you¨ to him but I didn't say that (also I wanted to get banned not like leave the server and never come back to it) thanks @Turtle84375 for helping me out I did get banned in the end :.D
  7. be bored for the rest of the day or play cc, watch youtube, or go die :.D
  8. hmm ok ig also you spell "bussiness" wrong its business
  9. hmmm i thought u said u quit cc tet
  10. we aint doing the bad stuff we are just doing the games
  11. what did you do this time tet!
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