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We all know that there are two ways of creating a overseer map in a mcgalaxy server and it requires one of the the following commands:

Capture.PNG.60f57941e015b2a8e0d07fdfc38ac8bc.PNG - It Creates a 128 x 128 x 128 map (corresponds to width x height x length).

Capture2.PNG.51ce2019f8b061fc6b62486018d68134.PNG - Here you can specify the size of the map.

If you mess up you can always resize your map: image.png.9f2e70810fc4d7e1e04e7709bcdea4b8.png.

Moreover, you can specify an optional parameter a map theme. There are 11 "Simple" map themes, 13 "fCraft" map themes and 9 "Advanced" map themes(If requested I will go over them on another tutorial).

There are several other commands I will go through:

  • image.png.75d4ae1312d18642153a043120664a97.png - Sets the physics on your map and the parameter level can be set from 0 to 5 as:
    • 0 - Physics are now off.
    • 1 - Physics are now normal.
    • 2 - Physics are now Advanced(faster physics).
    • 3 - Physics are now Hardcore(even faster).
    • 4 - Physics are now Instant.
    • 5 - Physics are now Doors-only(only doors can be opened).
  • image.png.0830c395ec54774ded1a91a4b55911fa.png - Deletes your map.
  • image.png.e13c9da3cb1b88b69c28deddaefb315f.png - Saves your map by creating a backup of your map (over time a map creates a new backup).
  • image.png.59d4b254197a20d25c73f1789301f1c9.png - Restores a backup [num] of your map.
  • image.png.5b8fe1432d84ec3281b01181e0be8c94.png - Only allows players with the rank [rank] visit your map.
  • image.png.d6c4b4e202f299276089f0a693c21008.png - Only allows players with the rank [rank] to build on your map.
  • image.png.b4616effaf8b0812ee8b14714d0e6e72.png - Sets terrain.png for your map.
  • image.png.a137e260e9d851b70478a88ecb0e7725.png - Sets texturepack.zip for your map (Provide the url download link of the texture pack here).

Note: check this tutorial to learn more about Classicube texture packs and how to create them(Credit to AndrewPH): https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/dL/

Note: all these commands can be seen on a server that is using MCGalaxy recent version currently with the commands: /os map OR /help map.

If you have any more questions about anything ask in the comments. And if I missed something do correct me, Thanks for reading :).

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I removed the pages didnt want them
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Thanks for writing this. /os is a huge mess of a command and often requires explaining so a resource is helpful.

Your physics explanations is a little off though. If you want to see what each setting actually means, it's explained here: https://bitbucket.org/Jjp137/mchmk/wiki/PhysicsDetails

You may also want to document /os env since many people like to change the env settings.

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Yea wanted to do /os map options first it was kinda big I will look into it and write more tutorials

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Really helpful esp to an always noob builder like me. Thanks for the tutorial Yodel.

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On 4/24/2020 at 5:31 AM, dshowersjr2009 said:

invite me to your world


You cannot, its gotta be servers

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