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  1. C is by far the first language you shoulld learn, since it's very basic. Then you can move to C++, C#, Java, PHP, etc., which are all derivated from C.
  2. What does this have to do with ClassiCube? Edit: LMAO this is in general.
  3. I want to try and make a map generator for MCGalaxy. Does anyone know how to?
  4. Sick. SICK. S I C K ! ! 1 !
  5. I say new blood, because it annoys me every time i ask for zs and nobody replies.
  6. Well, to play it, you may download the desktop client. Though im posting a tutorial soon to make your own!
  7. If you play Super Mario Maker 2, you can post course IDs here!
  8. "Nobody uses them" *Laughs in test club*
  9. You cannot, its gotta be servers
  10. you just filter search for all users click any user and its on the adress bar
  11. I am a staff member, but i never saw you in the server. In fact, i haven't on any othher server either! Though read /rules first, its very important to know them.
  12. Maybe a new minigame? Never seen before? LiKe A cLuB pEnGuIn ThInG oR sOmE cRaP? It would be more like cobblestone and grass (the first known version of minecraft)
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