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  1. Maybe (and ONLY maybe) you can do this through plugins
  2. CanĀ“t you just download the sip from the main GitHub page? Then you open ClssiCube.sln on Visual Studio (btw you need to be logged in with a Microsoft account to access the full app).
  3. I've sugested this in the ClassiCube GitHub page, and still waiting for the response. If UnknownShadow200 agrees with me, we will get a friends list, and we will be able to invite our friends to worlds.
  4. Rubiktor012

    Skin upload

    Have you verified your account yet?
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  6. Yes, since bathroom tiles are a thing THONK 100
  7. *Realises about quarantine* Wait, that's illegal
  8. Maybe your wifi stopped working mid-way when the list was being creatied, so it showed a fraction of the servers. Explained in other words: your sister was watching Netflix when you went into the server list.
  9. You can actually do /model in singleplayer mode too.
  10. Try searching "more models plugin classicube" for an example (plugin by Venk btw)
  11. I think it would be better if you got to somehow recreate MCPE controls, since the crosshair does not really work on mobile
  12. Dude really what the f***.
  13. DUUUDE thank you sooooo much! i've been looking for this for months!
  14. I use paint because i elarned to use it as a kid and I gotta say, I can do textures for ClassiCube very easily.
  15. Agree (I don't have anything else to say why am I writing this help me my brain can't stop aaaaaaah...)
  16. My heal status is 4.5 hearts with 3 seconds of Regeneration III
  17. Making things levitate towards me, but only for 3 seconds, then they fly away because I have no friends.
  18. This kind of applies to the game, since in the launcher options you can change a mode, which will toggle MC Classic gameplay or Enhanced gameplay with custom blocks and features.
  19. they have enough rank to use the /cuboid command. Thy typing in chat /cuboid and it will: Let you use the command Say "Only (rank)+ can use /cuboid" If you get the second one, try getting the said rank
  20. Can you tell me what server you want to connect, the error message, and the ClassiCube version?
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