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Herobrine v Saviorsaltwater, discuss

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The problem with "Herobrine vs Saviorsaltwater" is that if you've played Minecraft: Story Mode, you'd know that Herobrine is actually just a shadow nightmare version of Saviorsaltwater that is by definition a more powerful and evil version of him. Asking "which one would win" is not only pointless, but it also shows a deep lack of media literacy as the entire point of Herobrine is that it's a metaphor for Saviorsaltwater's trauma and guilt over what happened during the gimp war. In a situation like this, no one can be a winner. If Herobrine defeats Saviorsaltwater, that destroys the very thing that gives it any meaning to begin with, leaving it as an empty reflection without a reflector. On the other hand, Saviorsaltwater can never truly win against Herobrine because, like in real life, PTSD is something you cannot completely destroy. You can only learn to live with it.

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