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classicube wount work up in my android bruh

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1. you have to use the ClassiCube apk
2. i don't think you can use the ClassiCube apk, actually
3. what the fuck kind of phone are you using?!
4. are you a maniac?!?!?

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5 minutes ago, Edward_great said:

Maybe its the browser your using or it could be that your not near internet or something.

it's the android version and browser he's using, android version looks to be Eclair or another variant of 2.0, which has a browser that is very old and probably can't upgrade to a newer version without homebrew
android 2 came out in october 27th, 2009 (that's very old!)

also it's probably not meant to be serious anyways, this was posted in general tomfoolery

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On 7/16/2023 at 6:09 AM, UnknownShadow200 said:

Can you please try again?

I removed all of the unnecessary external JavaScript from that webpage

it still dont work. it says now, "(Script error.)".

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This is pretty easy to get ahold actually. All you need to do is see JohnS and McJohn! What they do is they will grab your phone, use their C++ Coding skills to rapid type a code to blast your phone onto the microwave, let the microwave break your phone, kick it into the refrigerator, they will also do void Refrigerator::Move(Vector3 Velocity) { this ->position.x = 129381 this->position.y = 89212 this-> position.z = 12131e+ }

(btw this is not a real code it's just a joke xD)

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