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  1. But then theres the people who have schools who disable linux tools on there chromebooks. big rip
  2. For anyone who has access to the RCA Club server terrain file, could you please send me it? i need access to it to make custom blocks for my os
  3. So I'm not the Flash. I'm the Blur. The fastest being alive. faster than Zoom, godspeed, thawne, and black flash
  4. What kind of maps are you planning on making?
  5. Hey guys. I was trying to make a texture pack for my Realm in the Classicube server: Not Awesome 2. I went to get the link using the /os inv command, but the link would not load on my computer. The problem apears to be that The link can't start with dl.dropboxusercontent. It has to start with Dropbox.com on my computer. Can anyone help me?
  6. Just download either Badlion client, luner client, or just use optifine, the frames will be good
  7. Seems Very unlikly that you saw Herobrine. For one, this is a completly different game, and two, if there even was some code to potentially add this entity into singleplayer, it would probably have the skin of the default Classicube skin. There is also no code in singleplayer to add any type of entity, including a bot. Now, I may be wrong about not being able to add NPC's into singleplayer; but it is a possibility that a bot with the Herobrine skin with the follow and kill behaviors could be spawning in your singleplayer level.
  8. I'm thankful for my parents, as annoying as they might be, and I'm thankful for the Classicube Community, And to Goodly, for hosting the best Classicube Server I've played on. Happy Thanksgiving.
  9. huh. alright then. I'm guessing that it will soon fix. thanks.
  10. fair enough. he isn't real. doesn't exist. simple as that.
  11. I uploaded this skin to my account about a week ago. I think it would've fixed by now. Can you think of anything else that might be causing this? @AndrewPH(Excuse the ping)
  12. So, I recently Re-created my skin with an HD format (128x128), and I log into a server, and the skin was still 64x64. others could see my hd skin, but on my screen, it was unchanged. if anyone knows how to solve this please lemme know.
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