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  1. yay ok Doesnt Work Still 😕
  2. Hey Goodly OR Someone Else do you know why this isnt working? if u can go to my server and fix same key or tell me i would be glad u have owner cmds on the server so yeah (Caps Soccer) << name server Bbmodel file im trying to upload http://put.nu/files/BTeUcQB.bbmodel
  3. Now Look At This what does that mean What same key has been added?
  4. YeahCould u do that and send me link or something
  5. Nividm The Dropbox Is B;locked For Me, Can You Make Your Own With The Same Dropblox so i can access it? The Steve Humanoid That Was Linked On The Topic You Sent Above
  6. Hello Everyone I Need Help On This Modeling Thing I Saw Furiouss Post On Models And Goodly Helped Her With The Piviot And Took His Advice But It Didnt WorkOut Well How Can I Fix What My Model Looks Like? Look At The Reply Below This To See The 2 Images
  7. Wanna Make A Gta Classicube Server? i have all the tools todo that
  8. Hello Everyone It Is i AndrewPH, Just kidding I AM Looking For A Opponent On Classicube To Face Me Off In A Classic 1v1 On "Caps Soccer (Esport) Server! First To 10 On The Server Im The Second Best As The First Best is Venk He Was A Worthy Opponent That Defeated ME I Am Looking For Someone That Is Just Like That. IF Anyone Is Down To Face ME In Battle Let ME Know Ps: ill f##$$$%$% destroy you Sinclarylymerly CappedYo-Benji
  9. I know i neevr asked for anyone to write plugins for me
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