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  1. There is a server that called Zombie survival Made by aymanbouraaman he copied it for no reason so if you see him he copies everything
  2. You are running MCGALAXY that means when you remove it this will happend "This Action Can't be Completed because this file is open in MCGALAXY" If this error that gets you first thing Go to Task Manager Second thing end MCGALAXY task and there you go u can delete it now
  3. But on panda's server and on Venk's server they has the crouch
  4. Actually everyone knows how to create map not like you teach us because when i was new i saw a portal called Realms i got on it and it says "Please say /os map add"
  5. I searched in github and there is no results can anyone send me venk's crouch plugin please
  6. Stop posting about it Thy are fixing it
  7. I want to add my server in servers list because using direct connection won't work in others people except me
  8. alright thanks guys my server is working fine :DD
  9. But when i click direct connection it says Username and Ip address:port and Mppass and i don't know what does Mppass and Username means
  10. so i made a server using Mcgalaxy and when i play my server it says "You failed to connect to the server. It's probably down!" i tried to use MCGALAXYCLI and it didn't work and i tried to use Mcgalaxy and it didn't work Help
  11. OtiMalia12


    okay thanks my server is now safe
  12. OtiMalia12


    How do i make it that no one can break blocks in my server because i don't want someone grief my server used: MCGALAXY
  13. Oh wait you have to use dropbox if it didn't work then then the model you made doesn't work correctly
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