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  1. mintzyonyt recently had his account deleted for unknown reasons at the moment but there will be a funeral for his account and server on his server. if you want to come you can and pay respects. his server is MINTSMP (Funeral for mintzyonyt account and probably the server.)
  2. if you want to help me, send a message up in the top right corner.
  3. A few things classicube could benefit from something like this is more players, servers, and just a larger community. But some things that classicube would not benefit from is more trolls, forum spammers, and griefers. Does anyone else have any ideas of what might benefit or damage classicube if this happens?
  4. so your gonna kill new players as soon as they join?
  5. Was anybody's else's Inventory reset after the server going down today? I know i could of died but I checked where I was before the reset and there was no grave. Was it because of data loss? I'm so confused i spent 5 days working on getting that stuff.
  6. its probably goodly messing with the plugin
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