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  1. R U eW LeaVe A C0MenT
  2. Hello Everyone Multicraft 2 Will Be Public For 3 Hours Starting at 5:30 est Wednesday April 21 and Close 8:30 est Wednesday April 21
  3. ok join the server and i will see how good you are at building
  4. Hello everyone i and the other members of the build team are looking for people who would like to help build maps for Multicraft 2. Some maps like roleplay, lava survival, zombie survival, and more. If you would like to help send me a message. Also whitelist is on so if you want to help you will have to message me.
  5. i meant were you able to get on if i whitelisted you
  6. it wasnt FishedMint who deleted the server im not going to say who though.
  7. The Server Is Now Back Online It Is Currently Whitelisted If You Would Like To Apply For Builder Message Me
  8. just message me the message button is the mail icon on the top right of the screen
  9. I dont think i can trust anyone on here Curently because someone i thought i could trust who had access to the console deleted the entire server.
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