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  1. I think the problem you are having is the mouse not staying in the screen? I can't really tell what you said through your description that you wrote. But if I am correct, and you want the cursor to be locked into the game, go over to chrome://flags/#exo-pointer-lock and click enable. You also need to restart the computer for it to work.
  2. You're probably too young to have 9/11 flashbacks.
  3. Use C#. I believe everyone uses C# for MCGalaxy plugins, basically the default Classicube server hosting software.
  4. HP Elitebook 2570p Processor: Intel Core i5-3210M dual-core processor RAM: 12gb DDR4 Graphics Card: Intel Integrated HD Graphics 4000 420 gb SATA Kingston SSD Screen: 12.5-inch HD anti-glare 720p (1366*768) with LED backlighting Computer fits my needs. Runs Minecraft and ClassiCube fine. Usable for school.
  5. If I was president I would recruit many individuals in Congress, and have them all vote to disband the Government of the United States and gain control of the military. I would replace the democracy with a nice dictator (me). Then I would make ClassiCube a required study in schools to teach them how not to act.
  6. That is signs of suicide there buddy. "Die police die". Not ok.
  7. Who were you fucking in Tennasee?
  8. Pretty Sure This Is What You Want Because I Found This In His Github: https://github.com/derekdinan/ClassiCube-Stuff/blob/master/MCGalaxy/Plugins/HoldBlocks.cs
  9. They do have a discord server that you can join. Pretty sure I saw you on it before.
  10. Then I don't know what's wrong. Besides typos. It's saying that the file is missing. You must have done something wrong to not compile it right if you have the cs file.
  11. Did you do /pcompile? You need to do that first. /pcompile filename.cs. This compiles it into a .dll. Then you can do cmdload. languages like C# requires you to compile it.
  12. I don't think that is the error you receive directly after you run the /pcompile command.
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