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  1. Make sure you have set the server to public
  2. You can't unless you're hosting via Eddynet and the person you want to give console has an Eddynet games account.
  3. I let autofill control my words, here's what i got It would be weird if you had to get a little bit too late in the game but i dont want you back to me like you said i don't want to go to a game
  4. you do /ignore to that person again (if they're already ignored)
  5. i've played that on edge whenever the internet was down and i still liked windows LOL
  6. We can't help you, unless you tell us the crash logs.
  7. Thanks for letting me know they're open-sourced
  8. it's a virus lmao, why would you post a virus on the forums
  9. it's in your head
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