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  1. no one knows what you just said
  2. this has no context whatsoever so i do not know what you are talking about Skeppy wannabe
  3. Nividim

    how to

    From website: Click "Play" on the topbar Click a server you want to play From Desktop Client: Log in if not already played Click "Login" (it may ask you for a login code if you're at a new place) Double Click a server you want to play (or select a server and click "Connect")
  4. Nividim


    http://minecraft.novaskin.me/ edit: skin creator not main site gallery here's the gallery: http://minecraft.novaskin.me/gallery
  5. Although there are no mods inside of CC itself, there are plugins. Install a few plugins Goodly linked if you want.
  6. Nividim

    sign in

    Please tell me this dude has an email linked to his/her account
  7. Type "/client resolution" in chat to see your current resolution. Chat "/client resolution (value1) (value2)" to set your window resolution.
  8. KonekoKitten doesn't sue you for using his Roblox character
  9. It is not possible to get ClassiCube via AppStore. Android support is only on web.
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