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  1. Maybe don't install those fonts? Besides you've already got a lot of fonts installed, maybe pick those?
  2. Clearly you're not up for that yet.
  3. 1. Soulless 3 by ExileLord 2. A Very Quick 1617 Notes (audio remake) by Castillerian 3. Dark Caves of LOLNO (audio remake) by metallicais1337 4. my own song lmao 5. That's it
  4. edd gouldlay seriously though, get ready to get banned yet again (your post has reached 5 ban reactions now)
  5. Nividim


    i guess
  6. Nividim


    that logic is dumb. this is based on minecraft classic, not real life
  7. who voted box?!?!?!!? i think this is a galaxy brain post!!!! made by the lord chromie himself!!!!!!!!!!! /j
  8. christoasshole. ok cool nice conclusion of that
  9. man's really said "k"
  10. hmm wonderful you don't get jokes. obvious ones.
  11. Do YoU tHiNk We ArE dUmB
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