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  1. The process is very simple.
  2. cool it, azbacho, maybe the only reason why you never see him (and thusly never believe he exists) is because he knows you never believed in him, gosh
  3. Yes, you can actually! Only thing is that the maximum size of your skybox depends on how powerful your computer's hardware is, you can check this with /client gpu. For instance: My maximum texture size is 8192x8192 (which is due to my lower-end hardware.)
  4. You already have an account. Why do you need another?
  5. masoncb


    Who are you again?
  6. That's cool, but i feel if you're going to joke about "having" someone's IP address, you should actually post it. (also as a heads up this isn't a real IP of anyone here (and if it is then oops))
  7. Can't you just remove access to the command if you own a server? Plus, if it's this much of an issue, just ask the owner of whatever server you're on to remove everyone's access from it. ...probably won't happen, but, it's something to think about.
  8. As per my previous post, no lol
  9. My beloved curtis, I don't mean to alert you to anything that may seem out of the ordinary, or to cause any sort of otherwise alerted feelings, but... As it turns out, the English language doesn't pride itself on having multitudes of ways to say a certain phrase, so more than one person can (and usually will) say the same thing as another. I hope this helps you understand the truth that clashes with the fallacy that inspired the post you've just responded to me with. Best, masoncb.
  10. The reason that you were banned for a bit is because one-word posts are discouraged, and there's a very BRIGHT AND YELLOW warning that says so above where you type your message. My personal suggestion is to either: 1 - Put more content in your messages, or.. 2 - If it's a short enough message that isn't required, just don't say it at all to keep things less cluttered. Hope this helps!
  11. Actually, you've just made me realize that they changed it... I don't know if they said why, though.
  12. Keep it for myself unlike the last two posts, y'all can get your own.
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