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  1. Oddfault is basically the default textures but an amount of them are changed in some way or another. Here's the link to the texture pack: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/mvf5mjeklui2cj76ftk58/oddfault-1.0.zip If you want to make a version that fits with the terrain.png your server uses, then here's the terrain.png for Oddfault: (Extra stuff like the prismarines and the diamond block textures aren't really used, so don't worry about them, unless you're planning to use them.)
  2. As they always say, this category is for the jank j'that j'don't jive j'elsewhere. (Have fun trying to read that.) This text color is a bit funny to be honest. Oh come on, you're being a 7th grader! Hey, it's that one guy from pixelartmaker.com! OK, edge-lord, show me what you have. Playing around with text colors is so much fun! Berohrine's making a fool out of himself. Should I do pixel-art with highlighting?
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