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  1. ive seen redpcat was banned but im not his friend hes weird and creepy and rude
  2. As said above let other people "get access to... anything we made.. in a unfair or unreasonable way"(paraphrased for stupids) this game made a way to get the minecraft texture for free and that is unreasonable bc u have to buy the game to get minecraft. also you have the original sounds on the singleplayer version accessed from YOUR servers but it was an exact match to the original minecraft sounds, so that is all they need to wipe u guys off the planet!
  3. well they are still redistributing the original textures for the linux client at least
  4. but by selling the game on steam that means which im guessing that the same thing is on that version of client so YOU GUYS are the one redistributing
  5. this is a out right lie don't even think about lying when THE GAME IS OPEN SOURCE this is screenshot of the linux official classicube client
  6. I don't know maybe I want to buy it, maybe someone else does, maybe I'm just stupid. I think I'm stupid, but anyways andrew pls im wondering how much would u sell for? I want to own ClassiCube. Nothing in the rules said I cant ask this so dont dare ban me goodly. robux
  7. i dont get into arguments with less smart people its pointless
  8. You guys probably haven’t seen me on the forums or in any servers recently but, I feel like I have done some terribly bad stuff in my life, and if anyone would hear me out I’m hoping to getting a clean slate. If you don’t know me by the name KarlMarx you might know me as “GenMao” or “Panis” or “Shed” or “e69420” or various usernames I have created. First I would like to apologize to the creators and developers of this game. I have been told that it is annoying that I have made over 40 alternative accounts, I understand this, and I really am sorry. I didn’t understand at first why this was a problem, but now knowing that you guys have to store all this data and stuff and it is kinda hard having to keep track of all of those accounts. Next I am apologizing to Goodly, and the users, players, and admin on the server “Not Awesome 2” (nas2.) Goodly I know that you probably hate me at this point and are really annoyed that i kept on trying to play on your server, and messing around, trolling very aggressively, and repeatedly. I also am sorry for any damages I caused either on the actual builds or to the community. Also based on the ban message I have consistently received, stating: “GAME OVER!”, I would think I am no longer welcome on your server, I agree, and am not going to ask for an un-ban. I honestly broke the rules a lot. I would also like to apologize to the whole entire community of Classicube. I really don’t know exactly how many people have been actually affected by my repetitive trolling, and utter non-nonsensical (not going to even lie “retardedness”.) I have been over all just a stupid idiot, harassed people and pretended that I didn’t mean to be mean. I am sorry for all things that anyone has experienced from me or because of me. Lastly I am going to conclude with this message of stating why I have even decided to basically expose myself. I have been going through a seriously rough patch of my life, it seemed like trolling and being a bully was fun at the time. That shouldn’t of been my mindset, I was hurting inside, and instead I should of helped others and been a real person.
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