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  1. yeti0904

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    id trust doge over you "Up-and-coming" > "Schoolkid"
  2. yeti0904

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    every one except for me is a chromie
  3. yeti0904

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    wtf why would you choose a chromebook over a generic computer
  4. yeti0904

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    i have a feeling that you wrote that on a school chromebook
  5. theres no point in this post because new people should be reading the forum rules
  6. if they couldnt access classicube how are they: talking here managing to attempt a connection
  7. "remotely passable programmer" what do you mean?
  8. i only suggested it because it is a good language for beginners
  9. 10 out of 10 it inspired me and motivated me it made me cry with joy thank you
  10. use the perbuild command
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