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  1. > downloading GPUs > (downloading) extra storage i will cry
  2. ok here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/9hgdz65yo0utkhf/rockefellerLight.zip
  3. its a shame that would get someone banned because "lol" is 1 word
  4. its so dead there'll be nobody for them to roleplay with
  5. the english is strong with your spelling of r/engrish
  6. my "favirote" is my server
  7. yeti0904

    tnt wars

    its literally built into mcgalaxy
  8. 1. whats the point in once 2. how would servers know if a user had any previous names 3. the also known as thing = bloat
  9. very confused what will this petition do if it gets signatures
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