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  1. He does exist, he's just too shy to tell us that he exists, or maybe he actually don't and we are actually talking to an advanced AI made by Google
  2. Scratch would be a bad start, Lua would be good imo (ROBLOX Lua would be enough to learn like, most basics)
  3. Let's move to discord, I want to tell you something.
  4. Search on Google the following: "[ROUTER BRAND] [ROUTER MODEL] portforwarding"
  5. I want this year to continue, I didn't get online schools, no quarantine, living, Alcohol in my country is expensive af, all I'm doing is just sit home and play minecraft
  6. I question my sanity and then go play minecraft, yes, both cheers me up.
  7. All I see is a heart, madam. You can't just post a big heart and call it a shitpost kind mademoiselle, hope this kind of action doesn't happened in the future.
  8. Not really, I run ClassiCube at 40-50fps when running it as an standalone app, running it on the browser gives me about some fps as ClassiCraft
  9. The web client gives me about 6-10fps so uhh, no
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