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  1. yeti0904

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    id trust doge over you "Up-and-coming" > "Schoolkid"
  2. yeti0904

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    every one except for me is a chromie
  3. yeti0904

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    wtf why would you choose a chromebook over a generic computer
  4. yeti0904

    Server Help

    i have a feeling that you wrote that on a school chromebook
  5. theres no point in this post because new people should be reading the forum rules
  6. if they couldnt access classicube how are they: talking here managing to attempt a connection
  7. "remotely passable programmer" what do you mean?
  8. i only suggested it because it is a good language for beginners
  9. 10 out of 10 it inspired me and motivated me it made me cry with joy thank you
  10. use the perbuild command
  11. true python is the worst swear word because python is the worst language ever
  12. no they shouldnt whats the point in that
  13. also, funny how you showcase your server and dont even mention the name
  14. not true, your mistakes: "tou" "taht"
  15. what kind of anarchy server has events and minigames
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